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Seriously Good Audio Since 2003

GAP_8917R_webYou want proof? We Got Proof. A Grammy, for work we did with the late, great George Carlin. An Emmy for our work with HBO. And so many Addys, Gladdys and Gee-That’s-Not-Baddys that we’ve resorted to using them as doorstops, paperweights and blunt instruments of personal defense. Take one from the box on your way out. Kids love ‘em.

John McClain

Mixer – Lead Sound Designer

GAP_8839R_croppedJohn McClain is lead sound designer and the owner of Dog and Pony. His experience ranges from award winning campaigns for companies like Chevrolet and Dodge to a Grammy nomination in 2000 and a Grammy win in 2001 for his work with the late, great George Carlin. His work with HBO on the series 24/7 brought his company a national Emmy in 2008 and his work both as a voice talent and as a composer and sound designer brought him to the small screen in 2010 with the Comedy Central short series Shmitty, Mcfunkle and Stump. When not working his audio mojo, John likes to ski the avalanche-prone back country of Utah, cook paella for his friends and spend time with his beautiful wife Dawn and amazing son Declan.

Jeff ‘Jabo’ Bihlman

Mixer – Composer

JeffJeff ‘Jabo’ Bihlman is an Emmy award-winning composer/songwriter with dozens of cuts in TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, Burn Notice and All My Children. Over the years his catalog has been administered by Warner/Chappell in the US, and Fintage Publishing internationally. He is an expert at music administration and eating while driving. As a founding member and lead guitarist for Mega Force Records recording artist Grinder Blues and The Bihlman Bros., he sometimes gets to go and play awesome music for people around the world. He likes to fly fish, snowboard, hang out with his family, and watch the Chicago Blackhawks.

James Von Boldt

Mixer – Composer – Sound Designer

JamesMusician and sound designer James Von Boldt has a close relationship with all things audio. He’s proficient at almost any instrument including some you’ve never heard of. And his synthesizer, beat programming and production skills are world class. His breadth of knowledge applies to any genre and covers acoustic, analog, and synthetic.

James has composed custom tracks for The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Pandora Radio, Kia, and Intel among others and has written and recorded a variety of parodies mimicking popular music.

But all work and no play makes James a dull boy. Outside of Dog and Pony, James has won the award for Best Las Vegas Break-Beat DJ, and placed in the Iron Chef DJ competition. He was also recently awarded Best Sound Design for his experimental work on the play Bug which was performed at Cockroach Theater in Las Vegas.

Chong Kim


ChongChong originally hails from Indianapolis, but she’s been a Vegas native since 2003. Prior to moving here, she studied the art of filmmaking in Orlando. Shortly after finishing school, she was driven out of the state of Florida by an overpopulation of ridiculously sized mosquitoes, amphibians and spiders. Her life in the desert began with working in the hospitality industry until she was hired to do work in video production for MGM Resorts. After half a decade at MGM, she jumped into the real estate industry just to see “what it was like”. It wasn’t until later that she discovered her true calling was to work with a bunch of wildly creative whackos at a place called Dog and Pony, where she’s known as the Zookeeper.

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